“Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”

Understanding is a key. When you get to understand, you feel in control. You become powerful. From that sloppy-moaning-bitch you build a new YOU. So new sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with your novelty, freshness.

When finally you get the chance to be YOU and do YOU, don’t waste time – go for it. All those people who have planned your life in advance for you – screw them. All those people who made opinions for you to soak in – screw them too. The ones that say you’re not worth it, ones that make you feel miserable, ones that would do everything to make themselves look better by diminishing YOU – simply fuck them. Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of negativity in their lives.

I won my chance to become ME. Through mental breakdowns, screams, tears, sweat, fear – I got my chance to climb out of this disgusting hole of doubt and misery. I’m still climbing but I love it. Reaching goals sure feels amazing but only a few can enjoy the journey and make it a lifetime experience. Be that person. Don’t quit. Keep hustling. There will be downs but GOD there will be UPs like you would have never imagined.

Stay focused, keep hustling.


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